Reasons to have vacant home insurance

vacant home insurance policy

Even though a home is vacant, it is still someone’s responsibility. A vacant home is described as a home without substantial furniture or appliances. Vacant homes are almost impossible to live in. Even though these homes may not be occupied, they still must be covered by Vacant House Insurance. When your house becomes vacant for more than 60 days, some of the coverage options on your insurance will not protect your property. A Foremost Vacant Home Insurance policy will protect whatever your standard policy doesn’t.

When do you need Vacant Home Insurance?

The rental property you own is between tenants

Moved to a new place but haven’t your property

Your property is undergoing renovations

Received ownership of a home in an estate or will

Left on a sabbatical or extended trip

You still may be thinking: why do I need to insure a house that I don’t live in? A property owner needs insurance for a vacant home because these types of homes are vulnerable to many different types of threats.

These threats include:



Lack of regular maintenance

Trespassers can get injured

Bug infestations

Damaged pipes

If you own a vacant property, save yourself some money and get it protected. We can help you find the best vacant home insurance rates in the nation. Contact us now and get an instant Foremost Vacant Home Insurance Quote for free!

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Why do you need Vacant Home Insurance?

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